We are a collective of skilled creatives with years of experience creating high-end consumer products designed to stand out and break the mold.  We connect clients to the best manufacturers, design ranges of styles with perfect fits to represent your brand.  We have the contacts you want with the brands you desire and the ability to get you exactly the products you need.  If it doesn't exist we develop & create custom items to your specs.  If you can think it we will figure out how to create it.



SEAN TEDORE - Founder / Owner

Sean Tedore is a winter sports industry veteran with 20+ years of experience, having sampled every form of the business. Starting off as a Professional Snowboarder, Sean simultaneously attended the University of Nevada for a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout this 10 year period he was engulfed in the winter sports industry, understanding all aspects of how the different brands function and what it takes to stand out in a industry full of tastemakers.

After numerous injuries, he transitioned on to become the primary Snowboard Engineer for K2 Snowboards. Over 7 years, Sean helped to develop industry changing technologies such as reverse camber and rocker snowboards that quickly revolutionized the industry. After winning multiple awards for Snowboard Design with K2, he then moved over to CAPiTA Snowboards where he was the Marketing Manager, and Snowboard Development Manager, overseeing all product and marketing. While with CAPiTA , he helped develop many more award winning snowboards including the Spring Break line, which features a surf-inspired design and cutting edge construction that are again a staple for all brands today. He was simultaneously the driving force behind the CAPiTA Snowboard Brand and Marketing, which is now one of the most desired and aspirational brands in Snowboarding.

After a few years with CAPiTA, Sean was sought out by K2 Sports Executives to run a Global Brand and Marketing redesign. He was hired as the Global Brand Director of RIDE Snowboards, which is currently one of the largest snowboard brands in the world. Having say in every aspect of the company, from product to branding to marketing, he successfully hired an internal team of individuals which created a entirely new look and feel for the RIDE brand. Through this rebrand, the team reenergized RIDE to again be one of the most desired and nostalgic snowboarding companies in the industry.

Sean brings years of experience, contacts, credibility and the ability to create a brand within industries that is unique and desired, from the ground up. His ability to understand all aspects of different sports, who the customers are, what product they desire and how they live and love the sport is what makes him an essential asset to the FutureBlank creation and development.